Turning and Carving Flame Finials – article by Terry Landry on how he designed, turned and carved flame finials for bed posts

Drilling Large Diameter Holes – article by Terry Landry on a different way to drill large diameter holes

Solid Wood Edging for Plywood – article by Terry Landry on a unique way to add solid wood edging on plywood

Mattress Slats That Stay Put – article by Terry Landry on how the mattress slats in the old days did a better job than today.

Hut Wax – article by Bob Chambers on using Hut Wax to as a food safe finishing system on your turnings.

Butcher Block Countertop – article by Lannie Townsend on the steps he took to make a large maple butcher block style counter top.

The Process of Building Cabinets – a very informative and humorous article by Terry Landry with lots of pictures that describes the process of building cabinets

Epoxy finish – step-by-step article by Bob Chambers and Keith Bryan who partnered together to apply a clear epoxy finish to a Spanish cedar dresser top

Mean Green – article by Bob Chambers on using Mean Green cleaner for cleaning saw blades

Molding on the Lathe – article by Terry Landry on how he made circular molding for decorative trim on entry doors by using a lathe.

Veneered Inlay and Sand Shading – article by Jim Landry on how he made a lattice veneered inlay using a technique called Sand Shading to make the wood look woven.

Clear Bar and Tabletop Finish – detailed step by step article from BRWC member Bob Chambers on how to apply a clear bar or tabletop finish

Bowl Turning Skill Topic – video of BRWC June 2016 Skill Topic on Bowl Turning by Lee Owens

Dealing with Heavy Timbers on the Lathe – article from Terry Landry on how he dealt with turning heavy timbers

Wood Finishing – here is a copy of the presentation that Bob Chambers presented at the May 2016 Monthly Meeting on Wood Finishing

Rabbets Dados and Plows – See the latest article from Terry Landry on what these “specialty” planes can do.

Making Curved Moldings – Terry Landry describes how he made curved molding on a door.

Face Work on the Lathe – see how Terry Landry used a lathe to create column bases for an old building in the Clinton Area

Turning Duplicates – Terry Landry shows any easy method to make duplicate turnings

Finger Box Construction – list of steps by Wayne Matherne on making finger joint boxes

Making Cabriole Legs – article by Terry Landry on how to make cabriole legs using a band saw

Hand Dovetail Tips – handout that Mark Monistere had for the skill topic he did at the December 2014 Monthly Meeting on making hand dovetails

How to Turn Your Lathe Into a Horizontal Boring Machine – check out an article by Terry Landry on how he turned his lathe into a horizontal boring machine in order to bore a hole perpendicular to the end of a 4 foot long bedpost

BRWC Monthly Meeting Best Practices –  Check out some helpful suggestions to consider when preparing for giving a Skill Topic or showing a woodworking project during the Show’n’Tell at a monthly meeting.

Band Saw Circle Cutting Jig Instructions and Plans – instructions with plans for a band saw cutting jig that Terry Landry showed at the June 2014 Monthly Meeting

Pattern Routing – read an article by Terry Landry on using a router pattern to make chair parts

Sharpening a Handsaw – instructions with pictures and diagrams on how to sharpen a handsaw provided by Terry Landry

Glues for Woodworking – See a list and properties of the different woodworking glues that was discussed at the December Monthly Meeting.

Router Safety – See some safety tips on routers that were talked about at our September Monthly Meeting

Dovetail Jigs – If you ever wondered what is a dovetail jig or how to use one, make sure to attend the September 7th Monthly Club meeting to see several of these dovetail jigs being demonstrated.  If you like a little preview, check out the Rockler’s Website here and view the video’s that show a dovetail jig in action.


Stringing Story – Terry Landry

Stringing Photo 1Stringing Photo 2Stringing Photo 3

Info:  Stringing Story


Table Saw Sled – Terry Landry

Table Saw Sled Picture

Plans: Table Saw Sled Plans


Table Saw Tenon Jig – Terry Landry

Table Saw Tenon Jig Pictures

Plans: Table Saw Tenon Jig Plans